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Online Banking Benefits and Tips

Posted on September 25, 2015

Do you remember back to when you had to wait for regular business hours to make deposits and withdrawals, speak to a customer service rep, or make a transfer? Today, the convenience of online banking makes all of that seem like ancient history. Sure, many of you still may hit the bank once in a while to cash checks or speak with someone about a loan, but overall, online banking has revolutionized the way we think about banking.

Benefits of Online Banking

There are many advantages to online banking. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

• Increased security
• Easy access to account information
• Ability to perform nearly all banking tasks remotely during off hours
• Quicker access thanks to smart phone apps
• Ease of use with a simple mobile connection
• FREE use of services
• Added layer of protection against fraud
• Auto alerts tell you when you’re running low on funds
• Overdraft protection kicks in to cover you when you overextend yourself

With online banking, there are fewer surprises because you as the consumer are able to check your balances and make transfers whenever you want, points out Bankrate. You can make payments on credit cards and loans from virtually anywhere. If you’re going out of town, or sometimes forget to make payments on an account, you can set up regular, automatic payments so you don’t have to worry about missing one.

The security aspect alone is a great reason to take advantage of mobile banking. Through password-protected ID confirmations, you and only you can access your account at any given time. This gives peace of mind in a world where identity theft is rampant.

Online Banking Tips

While online banking is overwhelmingly safe to use, with the conveniences far outweighing the risks, you should still heed some tips to keep you – and your financial information -- safe online.

Here are some important online banking tips:

• Research your credit union to make sure it is reputable and your deposits are insured. Look for the NCUA symbol.
• Make your personal information as secure as possible and keep your passwords hidden. Memorize them and never write them down or store them on your phone.
• Understand your consumer rights.
• Be leery of websites that look very similar to financial institutions, but are not.
• Make sure your password is eight or more characters and combines letters, numbers and symbols. Never use the same user ID and password for your financial accounts as you do for other websites like your credit cards.
• Put a lock screen on your mobile device so no one can access it.

Being aware about your safety is a critical component of enjoying online banking!

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