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Top Mobile Apps for Budget and Personal Finance

Posted on October 6, 2015

Whether you’re savvy with your banking and finance information or are at a loss when it comes to saving and paying bills on time, everyone can use a little help when it comes to their budget. Fortunately, there are many mobile apps for budget and personal finance that you can download to your smartphone for help. Here are the top 10:

1.Mint: This free app is a personal financial application available for iOS and Android that gives you a comprehensive view of all your account balances. Best part is, it’s updated in real-time, automatically categorizes your transactions, tells you when you need to add funds in order to avoid going over the limit, and allows for push notifications to alert you about bills coming due, according to PC Mag, which named this its Editors' Choice for personal finance apps due to its speed and reliability.Mobile phone showing the Mint app


2.MintBills: Formerly known as Check, MintBills is a free app that allows you to stay updated with all your bills and pay them right from your phone. It’s not a robust app with tons of features, but if you’re looking for a simple way to manage your bills and engage in online bill pay, this is it. 

3.BillGuard: This is another free app that assists you in examining your credit card statements while reporting any questionable charges right away. The “red flag” feature highlights vendors and merchants who are known for including vague charges and fees that typically can go unnoticed by customers. 

4.Budget Boss: At $0.99, this easy-to-use iPhone app helps you develop a budget, make sure it will work for you, and gives you solutions as to how your financial future is shaping up. This app tackles the one area of personal finance that so many of us have trouble sticking to: the budget. Use it to highlight problem areas and cut back on spending when you have to. 

5.Mvelopes: This is a free app that takes the old-school “envelope method” of budgeting and gives it a digital kick. Create an account and link up to four online banking accounts to your profile, then come up with a customized budget based off your personal spending and saving goals. You can place your cash into various categories like savings, credit card pay-offs, entertainment, and monthly bills. 

Two mobile phones showing the Mvelopes app


6.Home Budget with Sync: Although it’s a little pricier at $4.99, this budgeting and expense management app features Family Sharing which allows you to set a budget and link your income and expenses between smart phones. Analyze your spending habits as a family, manage your accounts, and use charts and infographics to see and compare itemized lists of purchases.

7.Wally: A free app that collects all of your personal finance information into one easy-to-navigate view. As such, you can set a target for your savings account each week, analyze your spending, and come up with a personalized budget. This app is great for easily viewing expenses, keeping track of savings, and hitting your goals. 

8.Level Money: This easy budget tracking tool is free. It’s not fancy, but it’s definitely a useful tool to sync with your bank and credit card accounts. This way, you instantly know what you can afford to spend on any given day or period of time. Do you have any extra spending money for the day? This app will tell you. What about extra spending money for the month? Level Money will tell you, as it estimates your income and identifies your expenses.

9.Budgt: For $1.99, this popular budget and finance tracking app allows you to add new transactions and view your allotted spending money for a given time period.

10.MoneyBook: At $2.99, this is a feature-rich budgeting app that gives you flexible options when it comes to adding notes or creating categories for transactions. You can even export your finances thanks to password-protection that keeps your info private.  

If you’ve been having a hard time saving and budgeting, check out one of these apps for a solution today. 

Disclaimer: NAEFCU does not receive compensation for apps you purchase and is not responsible for the safety, security or any financial loss associated with the apps mentioned in this article. 

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